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Web Designer's Idea Book, Volume 4
In stores now!

Volume 4 provides another heaping helping of inspiration. This volume serves up the design inspiration you crave to keep your work fresh and current.

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The Web Designer's Idea Book Volume 4

The Mobile Web Designer's Idea Book
In stores now!

The Mobile Web Designer's Idea Book which will look at trends, styles, themes and patterns in mobile web design. With a huge focus on responsive design.

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The Mobile Web Designer's Idea Book

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Introducing an all new Design Meltdown

I started Design Meltdown in 2006 and it was the original inspiration for my book series, The Web Designer’s Idea Book. As I embraced the books I let the site fade out. Well, I have resurrected the site and I … Continue reading

A quick survey and some free books

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Mobile Idea Book interview with Enrich Creative

My friends over at Enrich Creative were kind enough to do an interview with me regarding my new book The Mobile Web Designer’s Idea Book. It was a really great chance to express some of my opinionsĀ on my books and … Continue reading

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Love my books? You will really love the all new