Introducing an all new Design Meltdown

I started Design Meltdown in 2006 and it was the original inspiration for my book series, The Web Designer’s Idea Book. As I embraced the books I let the site fade out. Well, I have resurrected the site and I think you will like it. If you love the curated collections of design samples in my books, this site was made for you. I really hope you check it out and enjoy the new structure.

The new site features a large collection of design samples based on various design trends, patterns and structures. With this redesign you can rapidly browse the samples and find related samples. Based on extensive user research the interface is optimized for rapid browsing and inspiration!

Visit the new Design Meltdown.

A quick survey and some free books

Many of you may not realize that not only have I written the books in The Web Designer’s Idea Book series, I am also the original creator of In fact, Design Meltdown was the inspiration for my book series. And this brings me to my point here. I am in the process of planning what I want to do next with Design Meltdown. My plan is to reincarnate it in some form, but I have not yet decided what that means exactly. With this in mind I have created the following survey to figure out what you the user wants. I want to be certain that what I create clearly meets your needs.

If you can spare 10 minutes to take this quick survey (13 questions) I would be eternally grateful. So much so in fact that I will be giving away 5 free books to random participants in this survey. If you provide your email address at the end you will be included in the drawing.

The survey will be open until February 28, 2014.

Take the survey now.