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Introducing The Mobile Web Designer’s Idea Book

I have long wanted to do a niche specific Idea Book, and finally I am making it happen. I proudly introduce The Mobile Web Designer’s Idea Book which will look at trends, styles, themes and patterns in mobile web design. Much like my other Idea Books the core focus will be on collecting samples, providing inspiration and analyzing various patterns. If you’re passionate about the mobile web this inspiration tool will be your best friend.

This book we be of the same scale and style as my main idea books. It will contain around 700 examples of awesome mobile web design including both responsive and mobile specific approaches. Note, this is not a book about mobile apps. This is a topic that already has plenty of coverage. And while there is some focus on inspiration in the area of the mobile web, I think there should be more, lots more.

As usual the most awesome part is that I need you to submit your work. My books are only as good as the entries I receive. As such I encourage you to submit your work!

I often get asked for tips on how making it in so I figured I would compile a few key factors here.

  1. This is a book about beautiful web design – as such I focus on the best and most beautiful designs possible.
  2. One of the best tricks is to submit your work early. At the beginning I have an entire book to fill and a nice looking site can easily be placed. The farther into the book I get the more specific my needs are. The morale of the story is to submit early for the best chance.
  3. Provide all the details you can. All of the extra fields in the entry form that describe your site help me to find a way to fit it in. Help me to help you (as Jerry Maguire might say).

As always keep in mind that I am not out to showcase a who’s who of the web. I love featuring smaller shops, undiscovered talent and those that are content to operate outside the limelight. Take a chance and send your work in. I LOVE finding fresh new material and showcasing a wide range of designers!

So, please head over and send in your work!

Submit your work