The Mobile Web Designer's Idea Book

The Mobile Web Designer's Idea Book
The ultimate guide to trends, themes and styles in mobile web design

Are you interested in trends on the mobile web? Curious to see how designers approach responsive design for various components of the mobile web? Want to see how tailored mobile specific sites function compared to responsive sites? If so, I am pleased introduce The Mobile Web Designer's Idea Book which will look at trends, styles, themes and patterns in mobile web design. Much like my other Idea Books the core focus will be on collecting samples, providing inspiration and analyzing various patterns. If your passionate about the mobile web this inspiration tool will be your best friend.

Inspiration to spare

With more then 650 images, this book is packed with inspiration - all focused on mobile web design.

Responsive design

This mobile specific book features responsive solutions to many every day problems like navigation, content and so on.

Mobile style guide

Discover the visual trends shaping the mobile web and get inspired for your next project.

Quotes from real readers

This book gives a lot of great examples of mobile designs all one place...This is a great addition to the The Web Designer's Idea Book series.

~ James P.

The book itself is beautiful from the layout to the examples used. And if you have ever read or picked up a McNeil book on Websites you know that the information is great!

~ Brandon K.

This is a great resource to have.

~ Orios

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