The Web Designer's Idea Book
The ultimate guide to web design trends

The Web Designer’s Idea Book includes more than 700 websites arranged thematically, so you can find inspiration by color, design style, type, theme, element and structure. It’s easy to use and reference again and again, whether you’re talking with a co-worker or discussing website design options with a client.

Trends in color

Explore various color combinations and sites that use them. Plus sample color pallets for each color and color combination.

A catalogue of style

Captured here is a wide array of web design styles with a diverse collection of samples in each category. If you need inspiration, this is the place to start.

Stuffed with samples

Get inspired with more then 700 gorgeous websites categorized by various styles and themes. Find fresh ideas in this pool of samples spanning diverse areas of the web.

Quotes from real readers

Design-based rather than code-heavy, it fills a gap between where technical books stop and client requests begin.

~ James Beswick

This book is the perfect resource for any web or graphic designers library.


...this is a must have for any web designer looking for some inspiration.

~ Justin Youens

This book does just one thing, it showcases beautifully made websites and the author does this extremely well.

~ Keith Donegan

This book is a great resource for inspiration if you’re in a creative rut.

~ Ronnie Garcia

I'm sure the book will be a huge source of inspiration for me for years to com

~ Jason Beaird

This book does just one thing, it showcases beautifully made websites and the author does this extremely well.

~ Richard Branson

I loved the vast amount of ideas here.

~ A Brinskele

It's perfect for people like me who don't have a clue as to design or how to layout content attractively.

~ Tachi

The various themes hopefully will act as a springboard for your own creative juices to flow and develop something on your own.

~ Monkuboy

...especially helpful on those days "when ideas just aren't flowing"

~ Gregory Foster

In the end this book is a great resource to have when you need inspiration for creating a website.

~ David Bradshaw

A worthwhile investment for the designer's bookshelf.

~ Jean Marrapodi

With billions of websites all over the world, surfing the web is no longer an efficient way for designers to find lots of good sites to study or admire. This book provides a practical alternative.

~ Rebecca Haden quickly realize that the true value of this book is in its organization of topics and the way that it presents all the various web design choices and option

~ Dr. Bojan Tunguz

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