The Web Designer's Idea Book, Vol. 3
Inspiration From Today's Web Design Trends

Volume 3 provides another heaping helping of inspiration. Along the way we focus on the various technologies of the web, how they influence designers and of course focused samples on each topic. This volume serves up the design inspiration you crave to keep your work fresh and current.

Technology & design

This visual guide will show you where technology and design meet. With a focus on inspiration, and not on technical jargon or code, you will see how the two work together.

A catalogue of style

Captured here is a wide array of web design styles with a diverse collection of samples in each category. If you need inspiration, this is the place to start.

Inspiration to spare

This fresh set of sites includes more then 700 inspiring web designs. Browse beautiful samples from a wide range of industries, design styles and more.

Quotes from real readers

This delivers exactly what you are expecting. Wonderful UI designs and inspirational web pages. I will keep my eye on this title and purchase subsequent volumes.

~ Paul

As a web designer I love seeing the other styles and design trends floating around in the industry. This is a great lookbook, and great for inspiration if your ever in a rut!

~ Kristina

Its hard to find a book like this about Web Design but McNeil makes it look easy. Colorful, and thorough layouts.

~ Art

This book was worth the wait...this book has proven itself invaluable.

~ Holly

This is my third purchase in this series, and they keep getting better.

~ Justin

This book gave me pages and pages of various designs from people with different mindsets.

~ Antonio

I love it.

~ Tanathip

As a web designer, I constantly need new idea and inspiration. This book delivers that. It contains some of the best site ever designed and a lot of great useful sites. Ultimately, If you're just newbie or an experienced designer.This book is a must have and it will serve you well.

~ Febby

The book is a must-have for any designer who sometimes just needs a burst of inspiration or too look up specific UI elements from others that are "doing it right". I would recommend this book to anyone in the web design world.

~ Blue Tide Pro

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